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    Two Questions, Defauted Renter and Small Biz Stimulas

    massagefever Adventurer
      I am currently leasing a building to run my practice (trying to keep it simple so I'll leave out specifics). It is a large building and my plan was to rent the four other rooms out, all with permission of the owner. I rented one of the rooms to a lady. She signed a contract, but it allowed her an out if she needed to by giving me 30 days notice. One day she was there, the next day not. And she had rent in arrears. What do I do with this for tax purposes? And shouldn't she have to report the legal amt. owed as well?

      Also reading alot of the articles about the small biz stimulus package to increase loans, a lot of them say "through 2009". Does this mean if we need to borrow in 2010 we are just poopoo out of luck? LOL