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    Commercial / residential glass business

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      I did have my own very small glass business from my home in 2005 but it did not last so long and a lot of this had to do with me getting tied up with a couple of investors that had bought a lot of old row houses in DC and converted them to hig dollar condo's. I was making pretty good money with them for a while but then they started giving me excuses as to why they could not give a deposit on some and could not pay the balance on others. At the same time I was trying to recover from spending almost $12,000 on a commercial vehicle that I ended up having to put another $11,000.00 in about four months after I bought it. I worked for a pretty good sized company for over 20 years as ther lead estimator / project manager and made over $100,000.00 a year and was always told that I played a big part in the business doing so well. I ended up leaving to start my own and a couple of months later the owner past away and the company closed up at the end of 2008. I'm 44 years old with three kids and a lot of bills that I need to pay and working only 30 hours a week for the company I with now is not going to make it possible to get my life and my family life back on track. I started in the commercial / residential glass trade in 1983 and consider myself to be one of the best in the business in the Washington Metro. area.My question is how can I get going again with no chance of getting credit. I have places I can buy the required material from and can usually get deposits I just need a way to get the business name out there and just setting around and thinking on how is losing me valuble time. People have said that a good web site would help but I really no nothing about computors other than I can check my emails, create estimates, invoices. I know that if I could get the work this time around that I could make it so I need help asap because each day is putting me further in the hole. PS: I know that it sounds like I want to get rich quick but it really is not, I just now that if I could generate the customers that my work itself would keep repeat customers along with would good my good name out there. If anybody out there would be willing to set up a web site for me along with help me out with ways to get my name out there I would be more than happy to share the rewards. Thanks. Additional note. I do not need a shop because I have a large garage and all the tolls and vehicle to do this.