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    Business Plan

    Secretjade Wayfarer
      Ok, I read allot of information and done the research. Now I would like to get opinions on my business plan so I can continue to refine it before I submit it to potential investors.
      One of the questions I have is security. What keeps someone from taking your idea and running off with it? I see people on here all the time saying that they will review a BP but I'm inherently skeptical of sharing that information.

      Can you give me your insight and thoughts on the matter? Maybe some precautions?

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          LUCKIEST Guide
          Business Plan

          A member of SCORE would and could help review and improve your B P.

          SCORE is FREE.
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            You have a couple of options.


            First, as Luckiest mentions, you can go to a local SCORE office or SBDC.


            Second, do you have any talented entrepreneurs that you trust to read your plan and give you honest feedback?


            Third, you can hire a professional to review your plan. It is a service that I offer. I give my customers a confidentiality agreement and a non-compete clause if they request it. I wouldn't stay in business if I stole ideas. And as will be the case with most people you meet, even if the idea is solid, it doesn't mean that the person reviewing the plan will have the same experience, skill, passion, or time to launch the business as you do. Starting a business takes a tremendous amount of work.


            If you pay someone to review your plan, don't be afraid to ask for a nondisclosure and non-compete. Some will pass or may need to get some basic info from you prior to signing to ensure that your business model doesn't conflict with something they already have going.


            Hope this helps.


            Doug Dolan


            The Solopreneur's Guide


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