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    Best/Easiest software for customer (student) check-in and point-of-sale?

    ProDefense Newbie
      I run a Martial Arts Self Defense school. Some students pay for classes by the week, month, and some pay for one class at a time. I keep a running account in a ledger on each student. When students come to class they walk up to the front desk to check in. They either pay for the class at that time or I deduct from what they have already paid in advance. This takes some time and as students show up for class the line grows longer. We have to wait for everyone to be checked in before we can begin class. I need a software program that can quickly check in students, take payment in advance, deduct payment from account, or point of sale. It also needs to be able to track information such as perfect attendance and birthdays. I have tried programs like Quickbooks and I had to go through so many steps on the computer for each student that it was actually faster to do it by hand in a ledger.