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    Looking for Established Food Distribution Companies!!!!!!

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      I have a small export/import company established in the USA and have stumbled upon a great business opportunity recently. Through a network of people in Eastern Europe, I was able to connect with a few food companies that refine a couple of very unique foods (wild Strawberries and dried Porchini mushrooms) at very competitive prices. Wild Strawberries and Porchini mushrooms have been local delicacies world-wide for many years yet their scarcity and region specific growth have made them an item that is very hard to acquire.

      I have included a brief overview of both foods for your reading:

      All About Porcini!

      No matter what form they come in, Porcini mushrooms never disappoint.

      Delectable when fresh, dried, or frozen, porcini mushrooms (boletus edulis) are among the most sought after of all the wild-harvest mushrooms. Italians affectionately call them "porcini" (piglets), so-called for their plump form as they are found on the forest floor. In France they are known as Cepes; to the Germans they are Steinpilz.

      Because of their remarkable flavor and meaty texture, Porcini mushrooms are one of the most highly prized wild mushrooms in the world. The robust, earthy flavor of Porcini lends itself to countless dishes from savory sauces for meat or poultry to pastas, omelets and polenta.

      Just the Facts, Please: What Are Porcini Mushrooms?

      Porcini belong to the Boletus genus of mushrooms (there are over 100), which are all characterized by a tender, meaty flesh. While there are several types and qualities of porcini, all porcini typically possess a big, round, fleshy brown cap that is supported by a short plump stem. The underside of the cap does not have gills, but pores that release its spores.

      Porcini are often found growing in association with certain varieties of evergreen and hardwood trees. Like many other wild mushrooms, porcini mushrooms continue to resist efforts at cultivation because of the symbiotic relationship formed with the trees under which they grow. They remain a true wild mushroom, picked straight from the forest floor.

      *Wild Strawberry - +F
      Fragaria vesca, commonly known as woodland strawberry occurs naturally throughout the Northern Hemisphere. Other names for this species include fraises des bois, wild (European) strawberry, European strawberry and alpine strawberry (the latter usually refers to the cultivated varieties of the everbearing type). Like all strawberries, it is in the family Rosaceae.
      Typical habitat is along trails and roadsides, embankments, hillsides, stone and gravel laid paths and roads, meadows, young woodlands, sparse forest, woodland edges and clearings. Often plants can be found where they do not get sufficient light to form fruit. In the southern part of its range, it can only grow in shady areas; further north it tolerates more sun. It is tolerant of a variety of moisture levels (except very wet or dry conditions). It can survive mild fires and/or establish itself after fires



      I need an established Food distribution company with a wide network of clients who can distribute these products to local markets. Upon further interest please send me a reply to and I can provide you with more detail, as well as, pricing and samples of these products. Also, there is a plethora of vegetables, grains and fruits that I can get whether, fresh, regridgerate, dried or frozen so do not hesitate to ask if anything else comes to your mind.