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    Want to open a nightclub in USA

    baggins55 Newbie
      Hi i am looking for advice on opening a nightclub in America. I am from Ireland and i want to know how possible it is to do this. I have education in business, but i need help as i have alot of questions.

      Where could i get finance to do this?
      What licences do i need?
      Where are the most lively ares in America to do this?
      Should i have partners? and if so, how many?


      I dont have much knowledge about this but i want to learn and need to start somewhere.

      Thanks, any help is much appreciated
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          Scotcher Wayfarer

          Hello baggins55. Have you ever worked in a nightclub? If so, you are probably aware of ALL of the WORK involved! If not, I think you should get this work experience before trying to open one. Not an easy job working for one, much less running one. I think you need a lot of experience before considering opening one, or at least find a partner that is in the know!

          There are so many legal liabilities in running a night club, not to mention trying to turn a profit. Interestingly, there is a night club forum. Might want to check it out, as many people are asking the same questions as you on how to get started.

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            I recommend you start by determining what will be unique about your nightclub and where you want to set up followed by developing a business plan to determine if your idea can make money.


            If you need help with creating a business plan, you can check out a page I have on my site:




            If you find that you don't have the stamina to create a business plan or are having trouble filling out the various section, this should be a red flag for you that you may not be ready to open and operate this kind of business. Creating a business plan can often be a difficult process, but as Scotcher mentions, so is opening and operating a business. I owned a fine dining restaurant that was only open for dinner from 5 - 9 PM five days a week, yet I was there six sometimes seven days a week and often all day.


            As far as where to start your night club, I suggest you determine what kind of nightclub you want to start then research where other similar clubs to your theme exist as well as research major metro areas. For example, if you decide you want to launch a traditional Irish pub giving locals the feel of being in Ireland, research other Irish pubs / nightclubs in the US and see where they exist. Competition can be a good indication of demand within a locale (as long as it isn't saturated). Additionally, you can then research metro areas that have a high concentration of Irish descendants.


            You can go to to find out what types of licenses you will need, however you will need to determine a location first. They have a package where you enter in location and type of business and they provide you a report identifying all licenses you will need to meet local, county, state and federal laws.


            For finding funding, I recommend you seek out a community member here that goes by the nickname "phanio". He is excellent at providing insight to types of loans and sources for funds.


            I hope this helps for a start.


            Doug Dolan


            The Solopreneur's Guide


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              Mackyinc Newbie
              I have written business plans for nightclubs. I think I can answer alost any questions you might have. E-mail me and I will be try to answer any questions you might have. There is no charge for this.