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    Need solar farm advise

    ezcashclick Newbie
      I want to start a solar farm business in texas. II need your advise what to start, and what kind business plan. Where I get fund?
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          LUCKIEST Guide
          Need solar farm advise

          Love solar farms and windmill power. Who are you??

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            Marsium Newbie
            Solar farms are pretty expensive and not cost effective verse other power options. I am going in a different direction with solar - distributed power.
            I plan to offer franchise opportunities very soon across the US and International for a new proprietary Solar Thermal System for homes and small business.
            The system is not only cost competitive against conventional power - it is actually cheaper, although it still has to be grid tied for electricity at night
            and cloudly days and have battery backup for off-grid use. If you think you might be interested in a franchise just let me know.

            This would be a great addition for companies currently offering Solar Thermal Hot Water Systems. For these types of systems the only change is
            the proprietary solar collector, the rest of the components remain the same. The benefit is that you get both electricity and hot water, at little additional cost.
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                kpeakman Newbie
                Hi Marsium - I live in Northwest Florida and I am interested in setting up a residental/commercial solar power franchise and would be interested in any information you could provide.

                I am in the early stages of this venture and I am trying to gather as much information as possible to determine whether or not I can afford to get into this line of work. I know intuitively that green energy is something that I am passionate about and could allow me the opportunity to finally work for myself. Like I said though.. I am new at this and trying to make the right contacts to get as much information as possible.

                Kenneth Peakman
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                  dkbrown Newbie
                  Hello My name is Dan I am interested in your distributed power program

                  please send info to:

                  upon receipt of your email I will send you my phone

                  number and we can have discussion

                  yours truly
                  Los Angeles California
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                  phanio Pioneer
                  Find a local SCORE or small business development center (both are free to use) and write a formal business plan. This plan will outline and answer all your questions as well as help you determine if your business idea is feasible before you waste money trying to get it started.

                  Best of luck.

                  Business Money Today
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                    alytus Scout
                    your going to need some powerful partners to get into the energy racket.