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    Starting from Scratch a fashion business

    smoochez17 Newbie

      Okay, so I am the newbie... I have a clothing line that I'm working on. I have done fashion shows and have been featured in 4 magazines. Which has been great. Now to the serious side of business... I need direction on how to get my clothes out to my target market.


      I make clothing for full figure women and atheltic built men. I design dresses, gowns, suits, casual, athletic and some swimwear. My target market are obviously the full figure/athletic built market. I know I have gotten great response from my shows in N.C, Virginia and New York. Which is great, it shows I have a market to sell to. Now how do I go from sewing to selling??? If anyone has advice out there... It would be much appreciated.


      Thanks for your time...
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          LUCKIEST Guide
          Starting from Scratch

          If I was starting from scratch, I would contact SCORE. SCORE is FREE.

          I would also develop a business plan (and yes SCORE can help with the plan)

          Good luck
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            alvinm Wayfarer

            Nice to see that you have done so well and are planning to have your own corporate identity. I agree you must check out SCORE. You should start with a business plan. Proper planning is the secret of success in which budgeting is the most important tool to take in to consideration. Apart from that check out the option that you currently have. Are you planning to cater your services online? If yes then you must have a professionally built website. Be very specific about your target audience and develop a marketing plan accordingly.

            Check out these sites:



            Hope it helps and best of luck for your project.

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              MpAllc1 Newbie
              Hi Smoochez17,

              Your business sounds exciting and successful! Are you legally structured? If you aren't, you NEED to do that! Having your business legally structured as a corporation or limited liability company protects your personal liability against any business debts or claims. It also shows the professionalism, structure and accountability of your company to your customers and future business partners. If you are interested in setting that firmly structured foundation, please contact me at or 912-877-9210. It would be my sincere pleasure to assist you!


              Verjuana U.
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                cschmitt11 Newbie
                Another great site for getting started is yet it does require a membership. Part of the membership includes 24/7 email access to business consultants in any industry to help you. Contact me if you would like more info.
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                  rbnsnmarsha Wayfarer
                  Hello my name is Kim I am also looking to start a clothing line maybe you could also help me with so things.I am looking to start a baby line I dont want to sew but i need samples made.I also do women and men but i wanted to start with babys.If you could be of help please let me no.Now with you first thing you could do is start you own website also you could go to boutique clothing stores and ask if they could place your line in the store or ask them if you could rent a spot in the store. Also you can go to retail buyers give them a presentation of your line and ask if they could produce your line in there store.I have worked in the retail business for years in management and I talk to buyers all the time if you have anymore question feel free to email me
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                    YSWMak Newbie

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                      RobClayton Wayfarer
                      That is a very broad and general question. Where is your business at now (what stage)? Do you have more specific questions? Where do you want your business to go - retail, wholesale, design only?

                      The best way to get started (besides writing a business plan) is to get out there and sell! Having the experience you do have - contact your targeted customers and simply ask you can get involved or how they buy - then go from there. know that in these early stages, most of your efforts will be trial and error - just stick with it and learn - also use this forum for specific questions as you move forward.

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