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    Startup Capital for online pricing tool and completed Video Game

    timwillhack Newbie
      I have been a programmer for over 10 years working on side projects mainly to fill holes in productivity at home. I've recently come up with a very good idea (and twist) on finding a good price online. I'm not going to say exactly what means it is on here right now, but I've never come across a site offering this functionality. I've always been a 'deal finder' for myself and others online and the amount of time I spend looking is way to extreme for my lifestyle. I've come up with a way to streamline it, but am not sure how to go about spreading the news without having some cash to advertise. I'm just curious how I may go about possibly getting a little startup capital to get started. So you guys know my potential, do a google search for 'hexaxis', a game I wrote by myself for the PC and the PSP. There are a couple videos on youtube of it in action as well. I would also be looking to publish either version of the game but have no idea where to start with that either!

      Thank you,