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    Successful Marketing Strategies

    bridetobe321 Newbie
      Curious what marketing strategies everyone is using to attract qualified leads to your business. An associate of mine has built a huge MLM down line just by talking to people. I however use print media and the internet. How many leads per day are you getting? What type of marketing do you feel most comfortable with?
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          LUCKIEST Guide
          Successful Marketing Strategies

          Who are you?? Go to Members page and share some info, then I can answer your questions about *Successful Marketing Strategies*<!--Session data-->
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            mbastin Newbie
            I am into attraction marketing. Build relationships, get to know people and be interested in them. People buy into people, not products alone. Call em if you have any questions. I have many proven ways in getting leads. 606-510-3848
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                bridetobe321 Newbie
                You are correct that people buy into other people, not products. However, when you're attracting those leads to you, how do you get them either face-to-face or on the phone so that you can establish that relationship?

                I use several techniques. Remarkably, one of my most successful has been bandit signs. Placed in specific areas, they are extremely effective.

                What types of marketing strategies are you using that are effective during this economic downturn?
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                alvinm Wayfarer
                It depends upon the type of business that you do. I think for home businesses relationship building is extremely important since they are new and small firms and one thing that lacks is the trust factor. You must make sure that your clients trust you. For that you need to be present at such portals and forums where your target audience is present. Give them relevant answers to their questions and provide free resources. Once you have established yourself then only think of selling your product. Thus your first priority would be building a strong relation with your customers and in the second phase offer them your services.
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                  It's really helpful post and glad to see good comment also.
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                    techy2009 Newbie
                    Most of the marketing strategies in the recent past has been focussed around SEO/PPC/Social media. Those strategies definitely work if one can identify the right target audience and then promote into the right space.

                    I would suggest to look for idea database, such as, They offer creative and innovative sponsorship ideas. Definitely worth a look.

                    Hope that helps!
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                      bridetobe321 Newbie
                      Is anyone jumping in on the video marketing boat?

                      How do you optimize your videos so people can learn about you and be attracted to you?
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                          link101 Newbie
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