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    Purchasing an established business with no money

    FreeWay Newbie
      Hello, looking for some guidance. There is a business I would like to purchase but have no real money to do so. I enjoy the business and the owner is ready to sell. Where do I start?
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          amspcs Ranger
          I've been in the biz-to-biz sector for many years and have worked with countless start-up new businesses. Unfortunately, while many have survived and and some have prospered, it's also true that many have failed. My observation has been that the top two reasons for business failure are (1) lack of money--i.e. the operator runs out of money before the business takes hold; and (2) lack of expertise/preparation/business knowledge on the part of the owner. So I hate to be the fly in your ointment, but my honest feeling is that starting a business with no money (and that includes taking over an existing business) is probably a mistake. Do your homework, determine how much capital you will need to operate both your business and your life for at least 2-3 years, and find a source for the funding BEFORE your commmit yourself to anything. Otherwise, keep your day job.

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            Just based upon the limited information that you've given, I have to agree with AMSPCS. You need to project your costs for both your business and personal life and then secure funds to cover these plus an additional amount of money to cover the unknowns.


            However, with that being said, you can go back to the current owner of the business and see if they are willing to do a seller carry back (the owner acts as the bank loaning you the money). Be aware, common language in a seller carry back agreement states that if you miss a payment back to the current owner, they have the right to take the business back over - leaving you with nothing. Plus, depending how desperate the current owner is to sell, typically seller carry back agreements require some amount of down payment.


            I don't know of any other lending institution that will give you a loan without you having to put in some amount of down payment. This is far too risky for them. If you don't have any money in to the business, it is easy for you to walk away and leave the lender with the bill.


            You need to start by making sure your personal credit is cleaned up with strong numbers and start saving for the down payment.


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            Doug Dolan


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