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    Founder Stock Grants?

    f.h122895 Newbie
      Being the soon founder of my own corporation, I wanted to ask if there are restrictions to how much stock the initial founder can grant himself. I am starting up an airline with Boeing's startup service and I want to grant my self some stock, being the founder. I think that I am entitled to do this, correct me if I'm wrong. I know that the stock wont be free but with the stock being so cheap for startup companies I want to know how much to grant myself. I am starting with 1,000,000 shares in the market and was thinking of granting myself 80% of the stock per million. I've seen other business CEOs do that and I think that it would be fair considering I would sell 20% of that to fund the company anyways. I just want to maintain at least 60% control of the company until I'm ready to leave office, so to speak. I want to be able to create this company and build it up without getting fired cause I wont raise the salary of the board, and I dont plan on paying them a CRAP load of money just cause they have firing power over me! Anyone agree/ have any suggestions?
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          VirginianHome Newbie

          Consider the following ...

          1.) The legal status of the company you are starting can determine the number of shares/partners that you are able to have

          2.) Where you physically establish the headquarters of the company can have a significant impact upon your ability to do business with respect to corporate statute protections/restrictions

          3.) Number of shares in a company does not equate to value of the company

          4.) Vision and goals for the company must be clearly defined to receive the maximum benefit of a corporate attorney and CPA that you must hire or pay the price for lack of knowledge

          Best of Luck