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    how much to pay a developer?

    Scotcher Wayfarer
      I need to hire a developer to develop a simple software program for me and unsure how I should structure the pay. Should I pay an hourly rate, daily rate, or pay a lump sum for the project? I estimate that the job will take about 40 hours of coding. How should I pay them and also what is the going rate for a developer?
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          kappysr Newbie
          If you want to find a developer for your site, go to they have developers from all over the world who will bid on your project. Always try not to pay in advance and always hold back on payments until you have your product in hand. Be careful who you deal with. Most are honest but you do have a bad apple every once in a while.
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            saji.dasan Newbie
            HI - Please let me know if you require any help with software development. I will be more than happy to help you with this.

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              alytus Scout
              you should expect to pay about $600, mabey less, the fact is, there is a over supply of developers, they will compete for your work.
              • Pay Nothing :)
                GratisSoft Newbie
                You should not pay anything !
                If you and the company you work with are serious, then you shouldn't pay for the developed product itself, but for its support. That way you pay only as long as you need it, and the company would have to do well to keep you. This is how my company practices - every software product needs support ! You will pay for that needed support sooner or later !

                Probably you have found your developer. How did it go ?

                You can save yourself from making a big initial investment for the development and keep away the fear from working with the wrong software developer by contacting a company like mine to do your project and if you like the work done, pay very little for the support. This is how it should be !

                Visit us or just spread the idea to your mates ;) - ; also on twitter @GratisSoft
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                  If you have tight requirements, go for a flat project fee. If you are sophisticated in knowing what level of effort is required, then go hourly. The rate depends on how good someone is. It could range from $10/hour to even $200/hour-- we've paid both.
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                    KateMS7 Newbie

                    It all depends on your requirements and the technology that you want to use. Average rate for a developer in this economy is around $150/hour. My suggestion is to create your detailed business and technical requirements and send it to several developers to get estimates. Make sure they provide you with references and call at least 2 references per developer.

                    In my experience, fixed fees are more cost effective. There are always kinks in building software and with Time and Materials, they'll keep charging you if they can't get the program to work right. You need to make sure you have VERY detailed requirements and create a statement of work.

                    Have you thought about an off the shelf product? Might be cheaper and any upgrades will be managed by the software vendor rather than you having to pay a developer for any updates, changes, etc.
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                      Tech_Webby Newbie
                      Hello there,

                      I think pay is totaly depends upon the indidvidual you are dealing with and the quality of work you are getting .
                      Sometimes it happens that developers charge $90 per hour and on the other hand someone is agree to do the same tasks in $20 per hour.So there is no fix hourly rate.

                      But whenever you are going to deal with some one you should try him/her on small test task...just to make sure you are working with right individual as per your needs.

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                          Barky Dog Tracker
                          I wonder if Scotcher ever finished this project. It would be interesting to find out how it turned out.

                          Regardless, I've found a best practice that I'll share with you all. I've learned it's best not to pay by the hour or with one lump sum for the finished project. What I do is break the project up into distinct stages or milestones. These milestones are clearly spelled out in my agreement with the freelancer. I pay the freelancer as they complete each milestone. This keeps them motivated to reach the next milestone (and receive payment), and, it protects me because I don't pay them unless they meet our agreed-upon milestones.

                          What I described above takes a little more upfront work, but it is definitely worth it by avoiding major project headaches (and hurt feelings).

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                              phpdeveloper Newbie
                              You are right rather paying on hourly basis it is better to pay by work. We are web development company based in india providing IT enable services for internation client. We are offering hiring servicces to our client where client can hire developer on hourly, contract and work basis according to theire requirements.
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                            BN_Tech Newbie
                            I'm an independent software developer in North Carolina. There is no way for anyone who has read only your initial post to estimate how much it would / should cost you to have your project created. It'd be like asking a mechanic how much it will cost to fix your car without telling them what kind of car it is or what problem you're having. And, much like dealing with a mechanic, you are best finding a developer you communicate well with, respect and can trust. Once you find that, you can adjust the project scope, cost, time frame etc. to fit your needs. I always recomend working with someone that you can sit down and have a face to face with. That is, after all, what American small business is all about.

                            A final bit of advice, spend some time considering why you want to have custom software built in the first place. Building a quality custom solution will never be cheaper than buying something off the shelf. I am, obviously, a big proponent of custom software, but it only makes sense when you understand why you need a custom solution built. If you don't know why you need it, you'll never be able to communicate to a developer what you need.

                            Thanks, I hope this helps some other readers as I'm sure the original project is long done!