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    Where to obtain capital /w a few problems on credit?

    kurizu Newbie
      Hello I'm Chris,
      I am a college student and i'm wanting to start a Internet Service Provider (ISP). Selling wireless internet services to local residents and businesses in my area and expanding when needed. I plan to incorporate my business as an LLC Corporation to protect me and any investors from issues of liability and double taxation. I have a business plan prepared but may need a little work but at this time it is just trying to obtain financing for $50,000 to $100,000 for first year expenses and startup costs.

      No additional financing has been secured. Since I don't own a home and have a few credit problems from a past with other users using my credit for there own needs (Cell Phones, Utility Bills). I'm paying them off slowly but it still has a negative affect on my credit making it hard to secure loans or lines of credit to get the ball rolling.

      So my question is where or what should i do to obtain this much capital?

      Have the SBA secure a loan for me? If so what are the pros & cons?

      Have another person co-sign a loan or get a loan in there name?


      Business Name: Alentia Communications, LLC
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      I made the logo my self :]