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    One man business or continue the facade

    simonz Newbie
      I've been in business for a few years selling window treatments. I find people get turned off when they find out I don't have a showroom. My website looks pretty impressive - like a large company with many employees, but it's actually just me. I am thinking about changing my site, putting my cell phone and putting it out that there I am a one-man operation. I am not sure if they will appreciate the honesty or be further turned off by the fact that I am a small business. I want to relay the personality I offer my clients.
      Thanks everyone in advance,
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          alvinm Wayfarer
          Its reallly nice to see that you are doing great on your own. An impressive website for small business owner is the core of your activities. Why are you telling them that you work alone. Its simple: your website is the reflection of your future growth and hopefully in future you will have that many employees, so don't worry about that. Just tell them simply that you only operate online! what you can do is place a gallery section or display on your website showing your work.

          Simonz not many people get success as a small business owner. You are lucky enough to do that good. Don't spoil your efforts.
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            DomainDiva Ranger
            Red Alert!!! You are having negative emotions about your business! This is BAD for your business. Not all people are of the opinion that a brick and mortar window treatment is the only way to go. I purchased all of my window treatments ONLINE after the company sent samples of the last three selections on my list when I could not make up my mind.

            You have a great business model. Explain to people that your prices are competitive with other brick and mortar stores because you do not have the overhead.

            Do you provide excellent phone service? Detailed instructions on measurement? Samples? Cloth swatches?

            Is there a way to add more personalization to your service? Although I purchased online. There was a great person on the other end of the phone to help walk me through the process.

            Your business is your baby, take care of her and stop feeling like she is somehow inferior to everyone else just because people do not 'get' your business model.

            Have you ever thought about some targeted advertising to the under 30 group? This age group gets your business model.