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    Happy 2008

    amynwesley Adventurer

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          CorpCons08 Ranger
          Now your advertising skills are coming through!
          Nice marketing technique with the pair of movie tickets.
          I look forward to working with you in 2008.

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            LUCKIEST Guide
            Amy, each posting is getting better. Like your Marketing

            Wishing you all a very Happy New Year. Have a blast in 2008.

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              sirebral Wayfarer
              Hello Amy!! Interesting concept, and something I would like to look into further. I wanted to post to offer some constructive criticism about your web page.

              The pictures don't look very professional. I found a site that creates logos and they will create custome work for your logo design. I like the picture you have of the Nickel and the Dime side by side with the dime superscripting the nickel, and I think that would make a perfect logo design. The site that I wanted to refer you too doesn't have any change symbols as logos though, but they do have a nice selection of logos you can ask a quote for.


              That is the website. The suggestion is really to find a nice logo even if you don't use the suggested site I provided. I also wanted to say your picture should have you in a business suit. This time though I need to follow my own advice as well. All goes planned over here though and soon I will be wearing George ( clothing all day every day.

              I put my foot in my mouth a lot, and I might have this time. I just thought you could look more professional.
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                  amynwesley Adventurer

                  Thank you for your feedback. Don't tell anyone else but I prefer my work at home power jammies to a suit but I agree. I am need of a recent picture because all the ones I have are from late 2005 to early 2006.
                  As for my the photos on my sight, what would you suggest? Should I use high quality stock photos?

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                      sirebral Wayfarer
                      I would suggest getting a friend and a higher quality digital camera. Let your friend take several pictures and then you can decide on which is the best.
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                        Lighthouse24 Ranger

                        Amy, I'm not suggesting that the following viewpoint is more "right" than Sirebral's, but it is different.

                        When I looked at your site as a business owner, I saw a work-in-progress -- something that is emerging and evolving. Specifics regarding N&D are still unclear to me, there are misspellings and grammar errors on the site (not something I'd expect from an established bi-weekly publisher) -- BUT THAT'S OKAY for now because it seems perfectly consistent with you and the story you tell.

                        In other words, if the personal image you tried to create was "business suit," I'd see an incongruence. To me, a suit says, "I want you to believe that I'm a major player in this field, an expert at what I do, and I'll handle your projects with total perfection and unequaled efficiency." But that's not what all the other evidence says would happen, so my reaction would be, "Who are you trying to fool?"

                        By linking who you really are to what you're doing, the mental image I get of both you and N&D are a match. The image is, "I'm making some of this up as I go, I'll make mistakes (but I don't think I already know everything so I'm willing to learn from them), N&D will be redefined continually for awhile -- and I'll get better at what I do every day." And perhaps most important, "I'm not just talking about this, I'm doing it." For me, a young lady with a big smile and power jammies says all that much better than a suit. And personally, I consider someone who is inexperienced (yet honest about it) to be a far better partner to do business with than someone who is trying to pull one over on everybody.

                        Again, just a different viewpoint. Best wishes for future success.
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                            amynwesley Adventurer

                            Thanks for your response. I must admit, two completely different view points from two completely different people. I do agree that it would be nice to have pictures of me in a suit. I don't know if I should post them on my website.
                            One thing I pride myself on is approachability. Anybody who knows me and who has done business with me will tell you. I am very easy to approach and talk to and fairly easy to get along with. I keep myself open to all suggestions and comments and questions and i want to know, how can this be improved,how can that be approved, what can I do here, what can I do there. With this comes making mistakes (because everybody does) and learning from them.
                            Because truth be told I don't have all the answers. Nobody does. I'm learning everyday.


                            I don't want people, when they look at Nickels and Dimes to think that ohh she's been at this for 10 years but at the same time I don't want them to think ohh God she absolutely doesn't know what she is doing. I want them to see me in the middle.
                            As for he errors, I usually don't notice them when I'm typing. Yahoo SiteBuilder doesn't have a spell checker. Most of them I catch when I go back to edit. The others I catch when someone points them out to me. The funny thing about having a book published verbatim is the secret behind what verbatim means. My publishing company published my book verbatim because my voice is so unique that they didn't want to change a thing. However they sent it right back to me with specific instructions to read and correct certain spelling and grammatical errors. So i went off, found a friend, and got busy. The words know (like i know) and now (right now) aways trip me up. I just don't understand those two words. I thought for a long time they both had a K and it was just depending on the sentence you used them in.
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                                Lighthouse24 Ranger

                                My response here really had to do with creating a visual "image" (for anyone visiting your website) that was consistent with the site's content and with you as a person.

                                As Sirebral noted in another thread of yours ("Power jammies or . . ."), your choice of dress when you are meeting with someone face-to-face (especially the first time) dramatically affects how you will be perceived and treated.

                                A couple of years ago, I helped a young company put together a great investment proposal. When it came time to present it, my client not only arrived late, he was walked into a board room with about eight inches of his boxer shorts sticking out. A promising idea was rejected before he even opened his mouth.

                                A few weeks later, I was consulting with a charitable organization and went to a fundraising presentation one of their volunteers was giving at a local fertilizer factory. She showed up in a designer outfit wearing at least a dozen pieces of expensive jewelry. She looked fabulous, but I could tell the minimize wage workforce she was speaking to were thinking, "Lady, if you just pawned one earring or necklace you could feed more people than all of our paychecks added together." Again, the manner of dress got in the way of achieving the desired result.

                                So, bottom line, no specific style or manner of dress is always "right" or "wrong" -- it's a matter of asking yourself what you want to have happen in that specific situation, and then determining what "look" will give you the best chance of achieving that outcome.

                                Happy New Year and best wishes.
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                                    CorpCons08 Ranger
                                    Yes, that is a great point that I think we have all tried to make on this forum. Image is everything.
                                    I had a potential client who I had spoken on the phone with a few times and arranged a meeting with.
                                    He sounded very professional and very ambitious. (similar to LH's story)
                                    He showed up 1hr late to our meeting, and when he showed up...he was in pajama pants and a tshirt that said "I don't discriminate...I hate everybody."
                                    He proceeded to walk right past my secretary and into my office while I was on the phone and sat down at my desk.
                                    How do you feel the perception was on this individual?

                                    We are not in any way saying that you are this way.
                                    However, what we are saying, is you need to look at how you present yourself and your business.
                                    Even on your time off, you need to remember that people who see you will associate you with your business.
                                    With that said, my second point comes from another story from my past.
                                    I had a client who I did a lot of work with. He was always professionally dressed and always professional in his nature.
                                    One night I went out to a bar with a colleague for a drink and heard a commotion across the bar from us.
                                    I look down to find my client on the bar dancing and acting like a fool.
                                    Not somebody I would want to associate my business with.

                                    Hope this helps you understand perception.

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                                        amynwesley Adventurer
                                        Let me ask you something. Say you were out in the park on a Saturday hanging out with whoever it is you hang out with and a former client spotted you and brought someone over to meet you, a potential client. Know you're dressed in jeans,a t-shirt and a pair of flip-flops yet you have this potential client in front of you. What would you do in a situation like that? Is it really your fault that you didn't wear a three piece suit to the park?
                                        Instances like this are the ones I struggle with. Like the situation above, it was a Saturday and this guy was hanging out at the park. He didn't know a client would be there. How do you react in situations like this. Everyday situations. Like when you meet a potential client in the checkout line and you're in paint stained jeans with your hair standing atop your head. Or when you're at the laundrymat or walking down the street or standing in line at Taco Bell or at Blockbuster. Certaintly you don't wear a suit to the Taco Bell.Yet you are a living breathing billboard for your business, a walking talking representation and if you're not professional most people won't give you the time of day.
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                              LUCKIEST Guide
                              Happy 2008, Hope this helps, LUCKIEST

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