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    My commercial/residential glass business

    eastcoast9 Newbie
      I have been in the glass business sense 1983 and over the past 20 year I was the lead estimator and project manager for a large glazing contractor but the owner past away and the company was closed. I have always done a lot of side jobs and never really had to advertise myself but now I need to know what would be the best way to market my business without having to come up with a lot of money. I do have a commercial glass van, business cards but need to know how to get the name out there. Keep in mind that I have had to take a job that consist of me working 40 hours a week and will have to continue doing this until I can bring in some customers. Would greatly appreciate the help. PS: I very good at what I do and consider myself to be one of the best in the area and the reason it did not work out the first time was because I took a couple of project in DC that ended up taking me for a good amount of money along with I purchased a used commercial vehicle for $12,000 that ended up costing me another $12,000 after about four months of buying it. This along with the couple of bad customers and the economy all came at the worse time. Thanks
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          Take a look in your local area for people who represent multiple business opportunities and do some networking. These people can be the actual buyers as in contractors, property managers or banks with repo properties or they can be influencers like realtors who refer customers to you.


          Once you have a target list, you need to set aside some time to go meet with these people, introduce your business and follow up on a regular basis. It can take some time, but it will cost you very little money.


          Do you have any connections you can start with for referrals? Do you have copies of any testimonials that you can give to the people you are networking with?


          Hope this helps for a start.


          Doug Dolan


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              maia31 Newbie
              Yes the best way is to advertise.

              Look for a logo or banner that would speak clearly about your business. It must be catchy
              to the eye that would attract the attention of the reader or prospect customers. Another way
              to market your business is through E-commerce or cold calls promotion. Getting directly to
              the customers is the best way to market our product rather than to wait to get noticed.

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              ankush_9 Newbie

              You can try Email marketing, which is the best way to market your business nowadays. Millions of customer will get the email everyday and will be repying back with their questions. If you need some help, please contact me with your details.

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                Definately join a couple networking groups. You will want to network with insurance, real estate, property management professionals, etc... That's all free networking and referral.

                Second, get yourself online! 90% of people today will get online and research information. 80% of those will be people looking for Local business information!

                You want to get yourself on the First page of search results. Don't let some of these online business consulting people or companies talk you into Thousands of dollars!! It can be done for much less...

                I own a property damage restoration company myself. Internet marketing is going to be the way before too long. Yellow page ads are far too expensive for ROI (depending on the industry).

                Get yourself online. Feel free to inquire on more help or info