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    how can i reduce bounce rate of my website?

    Nathiya Wayfarer
      • 82.21% - Bounce Rate, * 00:01:15 - Avg. Time on Site, * 73.58% - % New Visits - This is the statistics of my website for the past two months.

      I am including more information to my website, but I don't know why my website has this much bounce rate. could anyone tell how much this is good statistics. Also the new visits are more, so I have to sustain the new users of my website by providing required information to them.

      How about my index page - Do i require to add more relevant information (I belieave its already have) to reduce bounce rate? Please suggest.
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          ChristiN Wayfarer

          Hi Nathiya,


          I checked out your website and have a few suggestions. People are generally looking for good information, while a little animation can be helpful to catch someone's eye, by the time you have 3+ animations on the home page you run the risk of irritating users with too much going on, they get confused and really don't know where to go on the page to get to the information they're looking for. Remember the phrase "less is more" when designing websites. If your site is intended to be a source of information, people are coming to the site for that information, not for the graphics. While it's a good idea to make information easy to get to (3 clicks or less), it's also a good idea to not overwhelm people by putting all of the information on the home page. Lastly, make sure people are coming to your site for the right information. If they are finding you by doing a search in a search engine, make sure that the keywords that bring them to your home page are applicable to that page and that finding more information on those keywords is easy for the user as well.


          Hope these suggestions help!

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            jack Wayfarer

            hello Nathiya,


            I have favoure for you. I have visit your Website and after i give some suggestion that ro reduce Bounce rate you have to doing SEM activities. In that You have to do


            1. Bookmarking Submission activity.

            2. Social Networking

            3. Classified activity.


            and please doing Social Networking of your website.



            Your website has a 2PR so It's Good.

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                ChristiN Wayfarer

                Hello Nathiya & Jack,


                While Jack's suggestions may help in driving traffic to your site, please keep in mind that driving traffic to your site will not necessarily reduce the bounce rate. It's not enough to get users to come to the site, you want to engage them so that they stay on your site.


                Please let me know if you have any questions.