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    How long should a Web Video Be?

    PremiereMedia Wayfarer
      We are going into producing videos for local businesses for their web site and a new B to B site. What wold be an acceptable legth for a quality video?
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          miyoshi82 Adventurer
          Are the videos about the other businesses? I'm just throwing in a suggestion of about 2-3 minutes.
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            Are your clients open to doing a series of videos? You could do one, longer video, however, we do live in the age of Twitter where people are too busy to digest more than bit-sized chunks of information. Plus, when it comes to marketing, you often need to get in front of a prospect more than once to get their attention and convince them to become a customer.


            By doing a series, you can create individual, defined messages discussing various aspects of their business while giving them multiple clips to reach out to customers over a period of time with fresh content.


            I've worked with industrial films discussing a company, running in length of 15 minutes +. I think doing five 3-minute videos may work better than one 15-minute video.


            All the Best,


            Doug Dolan


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