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    Using Telemarketing to Promote Your Website

    MOGfise Wayfarer
      Hi again,

      In this post going to talk about using telemarketing to promote your website.

      Before I got into lead generation I would never have thought to call or have calls made to the general public to promote a website. I figured everyone would hang up on me. How wrong I was.

      My lead generation company promotes our clients websites by doing the following:

      1. Get names and numbers for people to call for free from the library or places like
      2. Scrub the list to make sure calls aren't made to people registered on the no-call list.
      3. Have my reps call from the list. Introduce the website and sign people up to receive email and/or mobile alerts.
      4. Store the information in a database for future marketing.

      The response is 5%-6% sign ups that are trackable and useful for marketing hopefully for years to come.

      Hope this helps, if I can help your business please contact me.

      Robert West
      MOGfise LLC