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    How can I increase google Page Rank to my website?

    Nathiya Wayfarer
      Hi Friends, I have created my own job website (<a href=>
      </a>) which is full of latest job information and interview preparation tips. I learnt about SEO and link exchange and implemented the same in my website using twitter, orkut, facebook and email marketing. Now my website carrying google page rank 2 after one year hard work. But its still 2 for a long and I don't know other way of promoting my website to get more traffic.

      Anyone of you know the metrics for getting more google page rank? Is it necessary to have more pages for a website to get high rank?

      Is it possible by a single individual person to make more traffic and good SEO for this website? Could anyone help? Thanks in advance.
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          MOGfise Wayfarer

          Google puts importance on backlinks. The more websites you have linking back to you, the more important Google views your importance. Doing link exchanges with others that are relevant to the subject of your website will help.

          Hope this helps. If I can help your business please contact me.

          Robert West
          MOGfise LLC

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            PremiereMedia Wayfarer
            GO ON many bloggs and leave comments that help people like I am doing here so sales pitch just help.
            1.Create a youtube account
            2.Create atwitter account
            3.Create a FREE yahoo local account
            4.Create a Facebook account that Create a FAN Page All these give you links back to your site
            5.Goto TUBMLR create anda ccount ans start a BLOG and leave though provoking comments about your business knowledge.

            Need more ideas or hlep email me cb
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              SlavikV Newbie
              Create great content on your website and ask people to link back. Linking is very important -- but quality matters much more than quantity!
              Also you can open a blog (at or or even better, on your own domain (
              ) and participate in relevant forums, discussion boards and feature your blog posts/articles, potentially growing backlinks.

              I'd also remove "Links" section from your website at
              -- These are reciprocal links (i link to you and you link to me) and carry little weight with Google. But they also associate (negatively) your website with all these other websites, some of which could be bad, potentially penalizing your website.


              "Funneled E-Commerce" blog @
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                SlavikV Newbie
                I'd recommend opening up a blog -- either at your own domain (.com/blog/) or wordpress/blogger and writing great content. Participate in relevant forums and have people link back to you by featuring articles/posts.
                Linking is very important with search enignes--but it's about quality, not quantity!

                Also I'd remove "Links" section on your website--it created reciprocal links (I link to you, you link to me) which carry little weight with Google. It associates your website (negatively) with all these other websites, which can even lead to some kind of penalty by Google.

                Let me know if you have any other questions!

                Slavik V
       Funneled Ecommerce blog
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                  NatOnline Tracker
                  Why do you want to increase your Page Rank? Page Rank is how google mesure the quality of your links, it doesn't mean that you will rank higher.

                  Check on Google, you will discover that many sites ranking in first position have PR0.

                  What you should do is focusing in high quality and unique contents. Don't make your site uniquely for search engines. You have to find the right balance to optimize your pages for search engines and provide great information for your visitors.
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                      MTTB.2010 Newbie
                      I agree with the others, concentrate on writing quality content and getting backlinks from other sites relevant to yours.

                      Google PageRank is often referred to as 'vanity green'; as it has nothing to do with how well your site actually ranks for related keyword searches.
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                          profitablebiz Newbie
                          All the previous comments are great. My advice should be:

                          1. do not make reciprocal backlink with people. This give anyvalue according to google and could be bad for your own ranking.
                          2. create strong backlink from public blog and forum in which you participate in a constructive way, providing value and good article, blogpost and comments. The more stron the forum of blog is, the more interesting the backlinks will be for your site.
                          3. submit articles, videos on as many sites as possible and always provide your URL.
                          4. provide great content, weekly updated on your own site, and provide the opprtounity to visitor to connect and interact with you. If visitor receive great value each time they come, the more positive impact you will receive from google.
                          5. create interest for visitor to come back. Request to opt-in on your site by offering free tips, tools, newletters. Like that you will be able to send them updates, info, and invites to come back. Having a list of interesting people is important.

                          Hope this help

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                        gymrat Adventurer
                        just like the rest of the comments in your thread, backlinks are utmost important. the more RELATED backlinks the better. don't link with sites that have different theme than yours. submit to directories and search engines. i found this free software very helpful in getting tons of backlinks in a very short period of time. watch this youtube video for more details.

                        good luck!