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    Website + Database = Sales Leads

    MOGfise Wayfarer
      Hi again,

      Wanted to talk about making sure your website is set up to provide you with sales leads.

      Every business website should have a page or section dedicated to gathering information from potential customers. Most businesses have a contact us page where customers can submit a form to have someone contact them and then the information is sent to an email address.

      I am here to say you can have your cake and eat it too.

      Instead of having the contact information go to an email address. Have it stored in a database.

      Nearly all hosting plans (for your website) come with a free database. Whether you are using linux or windows you probably have access to setup a MySQL database which comes free with your account.

      Your online forms should feed information into a database, letting you store customer data for future marketing such as email or mobile and also to invite them to your social networking sites (twitter, facebook, etc) , and send you an email letting you know you have a customer seeking your services.

      Hope this helps.

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