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    Hey everyone! New member here to help!

    steven2025 Newbie
      Hello everyone! My name is Steven and I am from Texas. I started my
      own Time Trial racing series called the Chrono-X. (i.e. a competitive
      race in the automotive industry)

      Here's a little info about me:

      Graduated from Mcoy Business School, degree in management with an
      entrepreneurial focus covering marketing, finance, economics, public
      relations, and business plan development.

      Before switching to business I majored in graphics design and 3d
      animation. I also have had jobs where I was trained in digital
      portrait retouching, mailer card designs, photo album layout design,
      and graphical arts. More recently I was trained in next generation
      graphics design and advertising arts. I also do website design and
      have a few websites out there of my own.

      I currently am the VP of Marketing in charge of promotions, collateral material, and public relations at Harris Hill Road.

      In my last job, I was trained in website traffic generation and promotion.

      I am currently working on a new type of business plan for the
      future, one that gets the information across quickly, efficiently, and
      without pain. I'm working on getting it official by the end of 2010.

      BLAH BLAH! I know, I'm not trying to make anyone fall asleep but I didn't think you would read the whole thing anyway!

      So ask me any questions, I'd love to try and help with
      anything! I also love to photoshop stuff for fun, so if you have
      anything you want help with let me know!