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    Utilizing mobile marketing in your lead generation efforts

    MOGfise Wayfarer
      I have preached for years about businesses having a mobile presence. It appears 2010 may be the year (just like 2008 & 2009, lol).

      With the fiercy competition of smart phones and now the Apple iPad maybe the time has really come.

      Here are some things to consider when incorporating mobile marketing into your lead generation efforts:

      1. Have a mobile website. Focus on an interactive mobile site not an app for the iPhone or Blackberry. Mobile websites are accessible on any cell phone or smart phone.

      2. Make your mobile site interactive by adding forms, surveys and contests. Having consumers submit information is the essence of lead generation. An example would be to have consumers will out a quick easy form to obtain a coupon.

      3. Of course make sure you save information to a database. You want to be able to market to these important customers again.

      4. Utilize short codes in your traditional marketing. There are many low cost options available.

      5. List your mobile list on mobile search engines. Google and Yahoo both have them.

      There is a huge forecast for mobile searching, be prepared.

      If I can help you with this effort please contact me.

      Thanks and good luck.

      Robert West
      MOGfise LLC