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    How to Get Your Employees to Clock In and Out

    Timesheet Wayfarer
      As with any new routine, your employees may find it difficult to
      remember to clock in and out. They may even deliberately rebel against
      it. Thankfully, humans are adaptable and in time will acclimate to the
      new situation. Here are some tips to facilitate this process.

      • Reassure \\ your employees that you are not implementing a new system due to a lack \\ of trust. Explain to them that accurate, daily record keeping is going \\ to make your life as a manager so much easier. Explain that the \\ software adds up their hours and compiles them into handy payroll \\ reports so that you don't have to collect and add up data by hand.
      • Even \\ if you are not tracking time for payroll purposes, archive the time \\ anyway to keep your employee's timecards up to date. This gives them a \\ sense that you are using the data. If your employees feel that you are \\ not even looking at their timesheet, they are less likely to accurately \\ report their time.
      • Tell your employees that they will only be paid for hours that are \\ reported on their timecard. If they don't clock in, they don't get \\ paid!
      • Set up a** account. This is the best way to store and manage all your employees time records.