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    Want:Hotel(s),Guest Home(s) & Visionary Product(s) for Global Solutions

    eekcaman1 Wayfarer


      I am interested in new innovations as well as
      sustainable living breakthoughs and economic
      intelligence that can be provided to EEKCA on/off line
      member services.

      Consider this an opportunity if you are:

      In Travel & Hospitality Property Management and has
      not already developed or acquired a proprietary Global
      Money Exchange Solutions Execution Strategy.

      An Expert in Rental Guest Homes & Hotel(s)Financials;
      stock/equity,debt/asset swap/and/or other financial
      instrument i.e. EEKCA Foreign Money Exchange Card
      debit/credit card system with multi-function at
      P.O.S.and multi-income for a five(5)star designated
      Hotel(s) for Global direction.

      Please let me know which contact is the best for me to
      provide you login username and password access should
      we move forward with Visionary Products and Economic
      Intelligence into the future as possible business
      partner with your link/references in your local market
      as well as globally @