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    What is the best franchise?

    john77jr Newbie
      This is a surprisingly easy answer to give. I get asked this question all the time, as a franchise consultant, I help people identify the franchise business models that fit what they are looking for in a business.

      So on a very regular basis I get asked: What is the best franchise?

      The simple answer is: The one that meets the criteria YOU are looking for in a business.

      If you mean what types of franchises are doing well versus other franchises, then you need to let me know which types and I will do a comparison for you.

      But if you are looking for the BEST franchise then you need to have a clear understanding of what it is that you are most interested in & what fits the business model you are looking for in a business.

      There are many things that affect the word best. Are you looking for a retail franchise? A b2b franchise? Do you want to deal with a product? A service? Do you want to have employees or do you want to be the owner operator with no employees? If you want employees do you want to manage the manager or manage the employees?

      So you see, there is more to that question than meets the eye. I highly recommend talking to a franchise specialist so that they can help you identify the franchises, if any, that fit what you are looking for in a business. Most franchise consultants do not charge an up front fee. I don't charge a fee for my services, feel free to contact me directly, I would be happy to talk with you to identify possible matches. 610-326-0182.

      I found out a long time ago, no one can ever SELL a franchise to a buyer. It is either the right fit or not and the only way a buyer will know that is by performing the proper due diligence.