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    Creating a Website for a Small Construction Company

    gracie.907 Newbie
      I want to improve our, so far, permanantly "Under Construction" website. I have some ideas like:

      1. A survey clients can take reviewing our quality of work, products, customer service, and organization.
      2. A direct email link where interested customers can email us directly from the site.
      3. A virtual tour of jobsites or a "before and after" sort of thing.

      Of course, I want to include some reviews, a photo gallery and list of our products and services but are there maybe some suggestions you may have?

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          AnchorAnthony Newbie
          Hi Gracie, you have some good ideas for your site.

          When considering what else should be there here are some things to consider.
          1) What can you add add to your homepage so that a prospect immediately aligns with what you have to offer.
          - This could mean listing some of your more popular services or using a need based approached "looking for drywall repair"
          It is important that somebody make the connection that they've landed in the right spot which will get them to the next step.

          2) Build credibility- This can be done through awards, previous work, certifications, client list etc.

          3) Ask for some type of contact information - Somebody may not be at the point where they are willing to call or e-mail yet, but maybe they are at a point where they would provide their e-mail in return for a pdf that outlines "Top 10 things to avoid when choosing a construction company"...might be a poor example, but you get the idea. Once you have their e-mail you can add them to your e-mail marketing list, which should be sent things on an ongoing basis. The more you can keep top of mind, the better chance you have at earning their business.

          4) Tell them what to do - Having a clear call to action on every single web page is overlooked far to often. If the next step is to schedule a consultation to discuss the project then give them an obvious button that says so.

          I hope this helps.

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              gracie.907 Newbie
              Thank You! those are some good Ideas. I was thinking, since we do free estimates making that available directly from our site where potential clients would give us contact info. I thought of providing some window care tips so customers can not only return to our site but look at ways to keep their products in good condition, especially since Alaska (where I live and work) is a pretty harsh place for anything that gets outside exsposure.
              Off of what you suggested, as part of our homepage, we could include a "Featured" area where we could post tips, specials, new products, etc.
              I was understand that facebook and twitter are popular ways to get your business idea out there but do you think its apprpriate a construction company?
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                  Steeleworks Newbie
                  Hi Gracie,

                  Took a look at your website. You have made one excellent decision so far. That is to get the site up even if there is nothing to see. This starts aging the site. One thing never to do, never ever, is put the words up...under construction. This is like the kiss of death to a website. It is like spider poison and makes them go away and never want to come back.

                  So far, so good.

                  Next....You probably know that everyone says excellent products, top quality, integrety and sincere....So...what makes you any different that everyone else?

                  Before you answer that, consider this. Your husband, dad, brother, uncle, or some guy you met three years ago goes out and buys a drill motor and 1/2 inch drill bit. Why? Does he keep the drill under his pillow at night, cuddling up to it?


                  He buys it because he wants a half inch hole.

                  So, why do people buy doors and windows? They are buying the security, heat savings, privacy, safety, curb appeal and so forth.

                  So, what you really do is to open doors and windows into the home of your neighbors. You make that click that people hear when they know their home and the valuables in it are safe and secure. (picutre of a baby would be good here). You create that feeling you get when you hear a window latch and know that you have locked in all the heat you have worked so hard to provide.

                  Consider on the right, adding a third column in the form of a box. Make it the palest of yellew. Add a little testimonial or factoid like...did you know.....If you have 5 windows that leak air, it is the equivelant of the hole the size of a basket ball in your wall. (Add pic of basket ball). You can probably find a number of these.

                  Also, avoid gettinng into the ready, aim, ready, aim, ready, aim, ready, aim mentality.

                  Even if what you do is not good enough, you can always do it over till you get what your looking for.

                  It sounds like your on the right path.

                  Best wishes.
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                    You have some great ideas and suggestions here. I recommend that you take the tips for taking care of your doors and windows and start a newsletter. Allow people to sign-up to receive the tips weekly or monthly, however, frequently you can keep you consistent, quality content. By building a list, you now have a target market to update about specials or new products you have to go along with your helpful tips.


                    All the Best,


                    Doug Dolan


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                  PremiereMedia Wayfarer
                  Create a series of before and after videos that show what you do bu more important you show the professional people and the personalities of the people that make your construction work.
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                    Doug makes some great points about your doors and window tips. Use the information to capture email address for follow up. You may consider offering a Coupon for discounted service. Continue to provide good free advice and tips on preventive measures that will save people time, money or trouble. Use that to educate people how your company can solve those problems when they arise.

                    I would also ASK your customers and readers what your company could do to help them. You'd be surprised how few ask.

                    best of luck,

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                      Slenner Newbie
                      Also, consider setting up a free Google local business directory in your town or city. Sometimes they rank hire than websites and you can have it link back to your website. Just enter "Google local business directory" in your URL