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    Email and SMS Marketing

    amspcs Ranger
      Anybody have any experience with email and/or SMS blast marketing?
      If so, I'd love to hear your experiences, good or bad.
      Also, I'd like to know which providers you'd recommend, and which you would not. I've already tried one and gotten burned, don't know who to trust.

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          MOGfise Wayfarer
          For Mobile: I used Clickatell. You need to know a little programming but it works great. Also, Textmarks offers afforable short code services.

          For Email: Vertical Response and Constant Connections offers free trial services.

          Hope this helps,

          Robert West
          MOGfise LLC

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            jmjdirect Newbie
            Hello, I saw you post about text messaging and I was curious how you got burned?

            We have gotten involved with text messaging for my company and as a reseller to our clients. We not only offer texting but email marjketing and data capture solutions as well as your traditional printed marketing media.

            Hopefully I hear from you soon. You can contact me directly at

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              SCorp116 Newbie
              Personally I do not prefer SMS blasting as you are essentially spamming these people and for the most part your messages will be read, but ignored. If you are looking to get into SMS Marketing then your best bet is Opt-in Mobile Text Marketing. This is done by working with a company who has a Short Code and will let you use a Keyword of your Choice on their network.

              Example ...
              A college will have a radio or print ad requesting All Potential Nurses to Text "EDU" to "82222". (Feel free to test it, as it is a working code).

              After a couple of runs, this college has now built a list of potential students who can be contact either by phone or Text. Which is quite effective for those people who are difficult to Reach.

              There are many more examples, situations and scenarios where this product can be used.

              If you want a Free Account loaded with a Keyword, 25 credits and unlimited incoming and autoresponder texts, go to

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                Here is a link that you might want to try for <a href="">Mobile Marketing</a>. I have recommended them to a few people and i have never gotten a negative response from any of them. Try it out and let me know what you think.

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                  DesignSail Adventurer

                  Hi AMSPSC you can have success with any marketing technique with the right plan!


                  I would not 'blast' people in a email or SMS campaign since this could get you in trouble as well as have minimal results. I would collect emails and cell phone numbers of people you are trying to target from a landing page on your website.


                  I have had great success with building my own list and providing them with use full information where they are waiting for our next SMS message.


                  For this email and SMS system I developed my own custom script since I have 6 years of experience in programming.


                  I hope that helps!



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                      BBruin Wayfarer

                      Yeah, for text blasting you have to do it from your own opt-in collected contacts, otherwise people will hate you.  We were using HyperTextGroup for email marketing but it has gone miserably, maybe because we were not writing awesome emails or because our service/products are just not what people want to see in their inbox.  There are so many variables.


                      Text marketing however does have the upside in that 70%-90% of the texts are actually opened.  Compare that to the abismal stats that show that only 10%-15% of emails are opened and only 1% of those are actually click throughs, I don't even know what the stat is for purchases after that but it has to be miserable.  But hey, if you're only paying $100 a month for the service and out of 100,000 one person bites per month then it may pay for itself.

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                      JackieGold Scout

                      SMS marketing sounds like a bad idea to me. Even if texts are actually "opened" that means nothing about the effect it will actually have  on the marketing campaign - just that people like to open their texts.

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                          Barky Dog Tracker

                          I agree. Sending "spam" text message blasts is a fast way to build a negative impression and reputation with your prospects. It is also illegal under the existing Telephone Consumer Protection Act(TCPA) and also under the CAN-SPAM Act.


                          This seemingly cheap way of advertising your business could be very costly in the long run. For example, I do not subscribe to an "unlimited text messaging" plan on my cell phone. I don't want to spend the extra $5 every month when I only receive a few texts each month. But, Verizon charges me $0.30 for each text message I receive. So, spam texts make me very unhappy.


                          If I find out who sent the text spam, I can take the sender to small claims court and collect a minimum of $1 for each violation. If the company is large enough, I'm sure a lawyer would happily start a class action lawsuit on my behalf.


                          So, my advice is to stay away from sending unsolicited text messages. You could end up in a lot of trouble. And, I'm sure the "company" that sent the messages for you would simply wash their hands of the situation. They're probably not in United States anyway.


                          - Barky

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                          joegelet Wayfarer

                          We use a company for our internet marketing Vector Informatics

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                            BlueMonday Adventurer

                            We use

                            Would not think of using anyone else.  No need for us to promote them - their service/results speak volumes.