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    Luckiest, I have a question....

    meistaffing Wayfarer
      I hope I didnt violate any policy by calling you out for help directly. I just know that you (and I'm sure others can) are going to answer the question directly... I believe! lol

      Here is my question:
      I'm looking for software to test my temp employees to see where they are in terms of knowledge. After the test I need to be able to get a score or percentage of how well they have done.

      What kind of software do you reccommend thats not going to blow my budget? What software have you found to be the best? and have you ever used the pay-per-test applications that are available and if so, what is a reasonable amount to pay-per-test?

      My thing is, I hope to test at least 20-30 people per week, and I dont want to pay like 300-600 per week only to find I can only use 2-3 of those who have tested.... I know it's a gamble, but wow!

      Thanks Luckiest!