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    Raising Ecommerce Revenue, My Amazing Results

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      This post is not a question but more of a tip or technique you can use. How were your ecommerce sales this holiday? I had the highest sales ever and here is how I killed it. You must have a indexed site that is established, I also recommend using an email marketing campaign along with this. You have read about this concept but its worth repeating because its very effective....Give your customer value. Here is how I did it.

      1. Choose the item(s) you want to promote and make sure you have enough inventory and a good a good shipping system in place.
      2. Create (yep) some sort of accessory kit or bonus bundle that does not suck. I say this because there are so many sites or retail storefronts that say, buy this thing and get this really cheap whatever it is, for free. It's highly unmotivating. Blow their mind, its tax deductable. I shop for bonus bundles when I am ordering from my vendors whether its in the US or I am importing. Find several items that you can put together that are inexpensive to buy in bulk (importing is great for this) then combine them as a kit. For example I bought a bundle of stuff that cost me $13 but actually had a retail value of $103. Take pictures of this cool kit and make decent graphics. Now think of this, If I just lowered the price of my product by $13, it would have been a snoozer (regular price item is $179 to $229) but if you give them $100 worth of stuff its instant buzz.
      3. Create your coupon codes to program your shopping cart.
      4. Make a home page graphic to get the most attention.
      5. Feature this promotion in your email marketing campaign.
      6. Blog it on your blogs (yes more than one)
      7. I also run the ad right next to some sort of newsletter sign up box or giveaway, build build build the list.
      8. Next write 10 to 20 different variations of tweets about your promotion, Give this to your SEO person. My guy has over 200 accounts (which is somewhat low) and have them start tweeting. Use good twitter manners and dont spam . If you dont have someone with that many twitter accounts, find one.
      9. Go to every relevant social site and forum and tell the world about the special. If you can make a video about it, do it, then upload it to all video sites. My particular product does not do super well on video.
      10. I then also blogged the special on my blog matrix, not one blog but many blogs, all theme relevant.
      Be organized, make your plan, tape it to the wall and tweak the heck out of it. This promotion yielded a 98% increase in sales over Dec of 2008. It will inspire you to have some sort of whopper promotion going every month. Build one for each month and figure out your own road map. Of course you will get more of a bump over the holidays, but I make it work much more consistently so that it is now a matter of tweaking. Good luck!