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    Pay off your mortgage early without increasing the monthly payment.

    AmericanCap Newbie
      Hi, my name is Hoot Gibson and I am a licensed California Broker. I can show you how to retire a 30 year mortgage in as little as 12-15 years saving you many thousands of dollars in interest depending on your situation. As we know, property values are currently declining in value faster than people can pay off the mortgage. This product is an inovation in finance which will accelerate the mortgage payoff, providing a great hedge against a declining value. Not only will this pay off the mortgage quicker, you can add other debt to the program and optimize the payoff of the combined debt at the same time. If you apply this product, you will likely not have a need to refinance.

      You must already have, or can qualify for, a HELOC to make this product deliver the results as stated in the free analysis you will be given. Help yourself and others get debt free without increasing your mortgage payment, with very little change to your lifestyle.

      Call for a free consultation at: 702-523-4619 (cell) or visit: and click on the "accelerated mortgage" tab for more info.

      Best regards,

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          GrowthCurve Adventurer
          You should be ashamed of teasing people with a headline such as this.

          You might not increase the monthly payment (that's usually fixed for the life of the loan), but you will most certainly be making additional principal payments.

          And all that nonsense about a HELOC, that's all just...well, as I said, nonsense.

          Hopefully one day this business will be exposed for what it really is. I know what you're selling, and it's not worth a red cent.
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            grantsforce Adventurer
            I hope the people that come to this forum realize that:
            1. There are no short cuts in life
            2. There is no substitute for Hard Work.
            This will help you steer clear of scammers.
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                AmericanCap Newbie
                I just came back to this site after several months. None of you detractors have spent 5 minutes understanding this system. I am saving my clients hundreds of thousands of dollars in interest. Flat out.

                If you are at all interested in understanding the truth, there is a link at my web site that clicks through to a replicated web site. There you will see a video on the top right called "Watch Channel 3 News report". This is a report conducted by the Channel 3 Money News team of Las Vegas. In the report they do not simply take the word of a user of the software, but in fact the 3 reporters buy the software for their own use.

                I will not tell you their own conclusion, but leave it to you to spend 5 minutes to learn about something you are completely clueless to.

                It is one thing to not be able to invent something like this, it is another thing to simply throw rocks at something you know nothing about. I address people like you at my web site. All you do is contribute to the confusion. There are tens of thousands of people using this system now without one single complaint. (see Better Business Bureau report at bottom left of site with Channel 3 report.) Not one complaint. Why? These homeowners are realizing the results given them in the intitial Money Merge Analysis that was run for them by their agent.

                Bottom line is: this is a powerful financial planning tool.