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    Help: Making Money With a Blog?

    TAGJOrigin Newbie
      Last July, a friend and I decided to make a shared dream of ours into a reality: having a video game news and review site.

      Here's a link:

      After a slow start, the site has steadily grown in popularity. I've been hard at work promoting the site in whatever ways occur to me, but I've always been hesitant to spend much money on it. As it stands, after all, we have no way to recover those funds through the site. We recently got a tax ID number and approached a local bank to set up a business account, but were declined due to the "high risk" associate with online businesses. All we have planned right now is...

      1) Setting up a Paypal button to receive occasional donations
      2) Creating two or three T-shirt designs and screenprinting them ourselves, shipping them out as orders come in.

      And even if both of those plans are overwhelming successes, (once we find a bank that will approve us) there are still a number of things that big-name gaming review sites have that we don't. Most notably advance copies of upcoming games, interviews with people in the industry who are practically unreachable for us, and paid advertisements.

      What we're trying to prove is that enough gamers are fed up with the all-about-the-money attitude that all the big name sites (IGN, Gamespot, etc.) seem to have that a small site run by people who genuinely care for both the industry and its artistic development can be (at least moderately) successful.

      So, what can we do? We're averaging 95 unique visitors per day this year so far, and while we're extremely happy with that, there have got to be cost-effective ways to improve our readership. I'm not opposed to spending money, but I want to see a return on whatever I invest. Can anyone help? Even vague advice would be better than nothing.