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    Any tips please

    Pinkbetty Newbie
      Hi there,

      I am hoping that I can get help on this forum with where to start on opening a business in the USA.

      I am from the UK and I want to start a business in America but need to find an investor. I have researched this a lot and i'm wondering if I would be eligible to find an angel investor from the USA to help me start the business or would this not work as i'm not American???

      Any advice on this topic would be much apprecited,

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          Depends on how much money you need. If it's under $400k, then you should go the angel route. If greater, you may need venture capital. It's going to be hard for anyone in the US to give someone they don't know and is not in the same country, money for a business, unless there is an established track record. What is your business concept?
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              Pinkbetty Newbie
              Thank you for the help so far.

              Well i'm not entirely sure how much money I would need but I think it would be less than 400k.

              With regards to the angel investor - you say that it woul be tricky for an angel to invest as they do not know me... surely I can come and meet and spend time with the angel that is interested in my business venture on the VWP? Then if they choose to invest in me I can use this money to get my business up and running then get a Visa, is this how it would work best? I guess i'd have to get a B visa 1st to start my venture before getting an E visa or would I simply be able to get an E visa as I am investing in the country...? Or would the investor be able to sponser me?

              I understand that I am grasping here on ideas that at this stage are a long way off but could any of these work?

              I have several business ventures I would like to get going but in America I think that a British tearooms would work...? What are your thoughts?

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                  Hi Pink Betty, what is VWP stand for?
                  Unless people know you and have definitely met you, I think it's unlikely they'll just wire you $400k.
                  Can you prove your concept in the country you're in now-- and then move to the US?
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                      It won't be long before LUCKIEST comes along and provides some insight-- he is a SCORE counselor.
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                        Pinkbetty Newbie
                        Thank you again,

                        I understand that this is unlikely, I was hoping it might not be though!

                        I would like to start a UK business also, I am thinking that it would be better to get some experience here then head to USA although i'm thinking that there are some other routes I can get a US visa and open my business whilst working out there then at least I am in the right country. I feel like i've lost time now and just want to get things moving!

                        I will look forward to LUCKIEST helping me then!!
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                        vivacupons Newbie

                        You need to have a really great business plan and benefit for angel investor to cough up the money regardless where you start it. As for visa issues, that is secondary at this stage because it is too early to talk about types of visas and forget sponsorship for now. If you are a UK citizen, if I remember correctly you do not need a visit visa to visit the USA. You will be given 30-60 days stay as long as you do not get employed. If you need to discuss project with investors, that is business and does not fall under employment category.

                        I am not trying to be rude or anything, but being very objective.

                        Hope that helps, and never give up, you just might have the next twitter or facebook application and such innovations knows no boundaries!

                        Good luck