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    Ten Creative Ways of Attracting New Customers to Grow your B

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      The key to the growth of any business lies in acquiring new
      customers, but in this economy, who can afford an aggressive marketing
      campaign? These days, you are probably down to business cards, maybe a
      car decal, and a website. These avenues won’t do much for increasing
      your business name presence but radio and print advertising are just
      too expensive for most small businesses. Fortunately, with a little
      creativity and dedication, you can use alternative ways to get


      Search Engine Optimization: Attract search engines
      with SEO techniques. Search engines scan Internet pages for keywords
      and content to determine the placement of your page on their search
      query. Obviously, you want to appear high on the list for the greatest
      number of possible searches. Do some reading about these techniques and
      either implement some of them yourself or hire a good web developer
      that has proven experience and success with SEO techniques.


      Become a company standard: Targeting a group of
      related customers, like a franchise, can prove very lucrative. If you
      are sure that a particular set of companies would benefit by your
      product, start selling to them. Once a few of these customers are
      yours, approach the CEO with a proposal to become the company standard.
      If you are successful, you can go from having 16 new customers to 60
      with very little effort. The corporate office will recommend your
      product to new franchises, which is effectively free advertisement for


      Form a partnership: Another way to advertise free
      is by partnering with a company that will recommend your product or
      service. Consider a product or service that is closely related to your
      own. For example, our time tracking web service,, is
      valuable on it’s own for many companies but most of them use the
      reports our software generates to send to their payroll company. A good
      partnership for us is one of those payroll companies and, in
      particular, one who caters to small businesses like we do. Not only can
      a partnership cut advertising costs, but it also establishes stronger
      business credibility since someone else is recommending your company.


      Ask for referrals: Who knows your ideal customer
      better than one of your existing happy customers? Establish a healthy
      relationship with your current client base and ask them for referrals.
      You can even offer freebies to increase incentive. Dropping a friendly
      note every six months or so is not pushy and it will help keep your
      name in the forefront of their mind. In the age of big business, people
      like to support small, local companies. Asking for referrals gives your
      customer a chance to feel like they are doing something good for


      Post a blog: Blog pages have several purposes. They
      keep your clients abreast of the latest company news. They attract
      search engines which will generate more hits to your site. They are
      also one of many ways to establish yourself as an authority in your
      field. In order to run a successful blog – i.e. get your customer’s
      attention – you will need to write compelling and relevant entries. You
      want to answer your customers questions so that they remember to look
      to you when they need advice.


      Use social media outlets: This is an important
      marketing technique these days and involves constructing a web presence
      within forums and other social Internet groups like Facebook and
      Twitter. This will generate more hits in search queries and generally
      increase your web presence. By plastering your name all over the walls
      so to speak customers will find you more easily. We realized we needed
      to increase our web presence when a customer commented, “I absolutely
      love your service, it’s just a shame it took me so long to find it!”


      Write Articles: This may not be an immediately
      obvious way of attracting new customers because it is impossible to
      know how many people that read your article actually buy your product.
      Nevertheless, if you can get your article in places where people will
      read it, it will help establish you as an authority in your field and
      generate exposure. This isn’t the easiest avenue, of course. It takes
      time to write articles. It also takes a little ingenuity to come up
      with compelling subject matter. Chances aren’t good that many people
      will want to read an article describing your product, but they may want
      to read an article about some issue your product resolves, like 10 ways
      to find new customers. Will you remember our company,,
      after you read this? Some of you just might!


      Write press releases: Writing a press release is a
      lot easier than writing an article but it can generate plenty of
      exposure. If your press release is big news it could appear in a major
      publication. If the topic is more quaint and can only be published on
      the web, it will still come up in search queries where a customer can
      link back to your website. Press releases keep the public informed
      about changes within your company and they keep your company looking
      like a dynamic and interesting entity.


      Get mentioned in articles or other media unrelated to your business: There
      are many places apart from business related news and articles where you
      might find a chance to drop your name. For example, a musician might
      have a chance to promote their business in an article about an
      upcoming show or on the bio of their music web page. This kind of
      exposure does not target an audience that is specifically interested in
      your product, but keep in mind that the people that need your product
      do have hobbies. In other words, you never know where you might get
      noticed. Take advantage of every possibility.


      Generate a newsletter: Offer a newsletter that
      includes short articles, links to important events or news relating to
      your business, helpful tips, and customer comments. Make this
      newsletter available to your customers and your affiliates. Your
      customers will feel a greater connection to your company and will
      remain a customer longer. Your affiliates will stay up to date on any
      changes within the company and will send the newsletter out to their
      clients, increasing the number of recipients. You can also advertise
      your newsletter by including a link on your blog.


      These alternative advertising strategies take time but they will
      benefit your business. The more material that is attached to your
      product, the more people will remember it. It takes time and dedication
      to build a name, but that is all part of the job. These techniques will
      keep your name in the forefront of your customer’s mind. It will
      establish you as an authority and make you a credible leader. This is
      exactly what you need to be at the moment when your customer makes a
      choice between you and your competitor.