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    6 Replies Latest reply on Dec 28, 2007 2:27 PM by phone service Wayfarer will offer video phone service to its members connect like never before on this web community. The video phone is just one of the new ways members can enhance their online business profile. We want our users to start their day and end it on the future is here, Jan.08 All centered around the calendar database. $4.95 members, $24.95 small to mid size business. Logistics managers can sleep better at night,and small business can have a real web store front to make and set appointments, show your products and services, ex. Salons,Barber Shops, Doctors,Lawyers,Repair Shops, Big or Small Business all will benefit. Media companies use the added features on the video phone show your clients the projects in real time while you are talking with them on your video phone it works great my best friend and i have put together commercials with it in no time because i did'nt have to waite on him to send it. it was done in real time to cool ,you have to see if for yourself WORK LIVE PLAY on the study of working together.