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    need credit fix

    Jayz2376 Newbie
      I'm trying to start my food service business and i need help, i have a business plan and tax id number. How and where can i fix my credit score to help me grt funds for the business.
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          phanio Pioneer
          There are many ways to fix your credit. The first thing you should do is pull your credit reports from all three agencies. Look them over and dispute items that do not belong to you or that you think are wrong. Each agency will provide you ways to dispute items.

          Next, bring all items current - and payoff or settle any public items like collections.

          Next, try to find small ways to re-establish your credit from this day going forward. You can apply for secured credit cards - get one or more use them once for a small amount - pay off the balance then cut up the card - but don't close the account. You could also do this with a term loan - apply for a small loan with your bank - secure it with cash or assets. Get the funds - wait about 30 days or until it shows up on your credit (don't use the funds you were given) then payoff the loan with those funds. All of which will help you re-establish your credit.

          You could also look into debt consolidation to help improve your current cash flow as well as improve your credit.

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