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    Finding dependable, and quality suppliers.

    jamiepatt Newbie
      Myself and a few associates are looking into starting a retail store comparable to an ALCO or PAMIDA in a very rural area. It is an tiny town, population less than 2000, however it is what we call a hub town, intersecting 2 highways and surrounded by farmers and other even smaller communities. We have surveyed the area and found out that people are leaving town or passing thru about 2-3 times per month in order to purchase basic goods. They travel from up to 30 miles north of us to get to a wal mart that is an additional 35 miles south (the only major retailer for 100 miles). We have a business plan, location, community support and enough capitol to cover operating costs for at least the 1st year including incentives from the town. All we really need now is to figure out where to get the merchandise to sell. Obviously, we won't have the capacity for huge orders. We need to find places that offer wide variety and smaller lots. We are not looking for high end, nor do we want to carry dollar store junk. Closeouts and overstocks would be great. We would like to provide family clothes, shoes, a small selection of novelty and toy items and basic housewares. Can anyone offer advice? - Also, the town has already attempted to get ALCO, Dollar General and a few others to come into the town but they wouldn't because they claimed that opening a general merch. retailer here would compete against thier other "local" stores...35 and 45 miles that is not an option for our community.