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    Effective ways of online stores advertising offline?

    phronesis Newbie
      Hi all,

      am wanting to know if there is an effective way of advertising an online store offline? In my case the online store is a fruit and vegetable business, specialising in mixed fruit and veg packages.
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          Many online businesses advertise offline and vice versa. The quick answer for you "might" be advertising in Penny Savers, doing an ad or an insert in your local paper, do direct mail pieces, put a promo in ValuePak, etc... However, these are all methods that may not be the appropriate answer without having well defined answers to the following questions:


          First, who is your prime target market?


          Second, how does your service differ from the other options they have for fruits and vegetables?


          Third, when they look to buy fruits and vegetable packages, where do they go to shop and get info?


          Fourth, how does your copy and promotion play to the target market's benefits?



          If you find you are having a tough time answering these questions, you have a couple of options:


          1. Look at your business model to see if / how it needs adjusting.


          2. Hire a professional to help you define the answers to these questions.


          All the Best,


          Doug Dolan


          The Solopreneur's Guide