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    Door knocking - is it worthwhile?

    phronesis Newbie
      Is it worthwhile going door to door to let a customer know that you have an online fruit and vegetable store? And that you do deliveries to his/her door?
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          You could go door-to-door, but it sounds like you may need to define your market and find other ways that you can interact with a group of customers instead of talking with them one by one.


          For example, are there any farmer's markets, swap meets, or other city / county fairs in your area where you can set up a booth? This will give you the opportunity to meet with a pool of potential customers.


          Do you know of people that work in a large office setting that you can give samples to pass out to co-workers to gauge their interest?


          Unfortunately, I don't know where you're located or the demographics of your area, but hopefully these will give you some ideas to try.


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          Doug Dolan


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            DebbyBlitzLoc Adventurer
            Be careful about going door to door, this is still considered soliciting and many businesses frown on this activity. Have you considered using the internet to target your local market? It can be done effectively and inexpensively and there are many companies that can help you today. You can check out which specializes in helping businesses use the Internet to get in front of their LOCAL customer base.

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              Why not try a little online marketing? If you're in Texas, there's a chance you'll get shot going door to door.