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    Starting A Club

    Blackrob239 Newbie

      I want to open up a club but i don't know how to even start i've been researching goverment funding and i also have some money.
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          Hymesdesign Adventurer
          I think people are going to need a little more than that too help you out, I mean you could start a local gathering for a specific reason at a McDonalds once a month without needing any government info...I'm assuming your looking for more than that though.
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            Just as Hymesdesign stated, unfortunately you don't give enough detail for community members to give you specific answers.


            I recommend you start by defining the theme, focus, and uniqueness of your club. Then, research the market to check for competition and size / demographics of your potential customer base. You should create a business plan, which will help guide your research and define the amount of money you need to get your business going.


            Most lending institutions want to see a business plan so they know if they lend you money, you have a detailed idea how you are going to turn that investment into more money.


            If you need help with creating a business plan, you can check out a page I have on my site:




            Hope this helps for a start.


            Doug Dolan


            The Solopreneur's Guide