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    Gift Cards

    moogrdotcom Adventurer
      Any merchant companies that offer gift card services or do most merchants do their own? Just wondering how they do the kiosk cards and whatnot (as well as sell online/retail)
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          CorpCons08 Ranger

          I get my gift cards straight through our merchant services provider.
          I use FirstData for my merchant provider and they have custom gift card services.

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            LUCKIEST Guide
            Have you tried googling "merchant companies"
            Does this help, LUCKIEST

            For your business merchant account needs, Innovative Merchant Solutions (IMS)
            provides you with the answer for accepting and processing credit cards.
            As an Intuit company, a leader in accounting solutions and software,
            you can rely on IMS to help your business, whether it's a face-to-face
            retail shop, Internet-based store, or a catalog or mail-order business.

            is your solution for credit card processing whether your business is
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              Lighthouse24 Ranger

              In addition to First Data, two other key providers are Total Systems Services Inc. and Fidelity National Information Services.
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                samuelsegal2 Newbie


                I can get you gift card ASAP with the minimum cost and a free terminal.
                Sam Segal
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                    LUCKIEST Guide
                    Good Marketing Sam, Will be in touch, early next year, LUCKIEST
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                        amspcs Ranger

                        We too represent QB Merchant Services (Innovative Merchant) as well as NAB and several other acquirers in regards to both credit card processing, terminal equipment (including free terminal programs) and excellent gift card programs. If anybody would like to comparison shop, our contact info appear below. Happy New Year to everyone!

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                      moogrdotcom Adventurer
                      Unfortunately (or fortunately) our Commerce platform only supports or PayPal or PayFlow Pro (now paypal) gateways. I don't think QB uses any of those do they?
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                          amspcs Ranger
                          Hello moogrdotcom,

                          We're talking about a bunch of different things here.

                 is a payment gateway only, not a payment processor. works with your payment processor..

                          Paypal is a quasi electronic payment processor with it's own built-in primitive gateway and shopping card solutions.

                          A good example of a "Shopping Cart" would be GoDaddy. They are only a Shopping cart,not a gateway, not a payment processor.

                          Remember, you need THREE separate and distinct providers in order to sell on the net:
                          1.) A gateway
                          2.) A shopping cart
                          3.) A merchant account

                          It's not uncommon for merchants to confuse one with the IS very confusing

                          Innovative Merchant Solutions offers it's own proprietary gateway system. It works fine. The only problem I have with propretary anything is that it limits the merchant choices and forces him/her to use ALL of the various parts of the system regardless of whether or not the merchant likes the individual element or not.
                          I like choices: I'll use the gatetway system, shopping cart, and merchant processor that I prefer, not what the packages forces me to use.--and if I don't like one or the other, I'll change interchangably without having to junk the entire infastructure and start from scratch.

                          If you need to discuss it some more, email me:

                          Still want an Innovative Merchant account web solution with built-in gateway? Critique aside, it does simplify things a lot. Paste the following to your browser, make sure you select the ecommerce option, and apply online:

                          Good luck
                          Barry G

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                              moogrdotcom Adventurer
                              Believe me, i know the ins and outs of Merchant Accounts/Gateways. I typically say "" since the service is synonomous with having both the Merchant and Gateway in one package since itself doesn't sell directly.

                              I have found a partner that uses gateway and allows me to use gift cards. Chase Paymenttech came up with the best cost/pricing for me and that is who i will switch to.

                              By the way, we do use PayPal but we use PayPal Payments Pro which is a full merchant/gateway system that they offer akin to PayFlow Pro of which they purchased from Verisign.

                              I had 0 experience with retail gift cards offered by these companies and that was why i asked about them. I would be interested in QB processing but the proprietary gateway is a no go.

                              I need gateway processing or PayFlow Pro processing to incorporate into my platform otherwise the costs are way to high and i'm not interested in proprietary gateways since i can't easily switch/convert to other systems without having to re-develop our platform/architecture.