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    Click to view this Email in HTML

    wordperfect Scout

      Hi Mongoose, our paths cross again, how did you get on with your China Google Tools?


      This post sort of follows from your Greeting Card question but I started a new thread so as not to hi-jack yours.




      We have a large client Email base and this year I wanted to send an E-card I have created as a template to wish them Happy Year of the Tiger. It displays in all its glory in HTML Email clients.


      But I know, like me many have their Email set to text, NOT html so can't see my work of art! Usually those that I receive have a "Click here to switch to HTML version." tag at the top which is all I see.


      I guess i could stick it up as a web page and add a link to that, but that doesn't seem to be how the ones I get work and I didn't really want to take them away from their Email.


      So, how do I make, create or whatever such a beast, then the receiver can elect to junk it or switch and see our greeting? It must be possible, but what degree of difficulty is it?
      Anyone know, and more to the point, feel like guiding me, please?