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    Sponsors for 2nd Annual "Ska in the Park" festival!

    arron1134 Newbie
      We are looking for sponsors for this years festival. All interests please send email: and I can send you info on our annual festival. Also, we need vendors as well so if your a vendor send me an email to the same email address and I can send you pricing for this event on June 26th 2010.

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          diamondcuter Wayfarer
          Hi Aaron,

          Have you or the team ever thought about creating an avenue for the festival where it is self sustainable, I guess what I am saying is that you have an opportunity to put in place a system that gives you the income you and the team need for the festival so that it grows on the year before. I have been involved with a youth fashion parade here in my country.

          Like yourselves it was started up by a few of us with an idea to give some youth we were working with at the time an avenue to show off their designer talents after the our first show we sat down and asked ourselves what worked well and what can we improve on for next year and what will it cost us. the fashion show is now in its 10th year,

          in year 3 of operation we looked at ways we could make the show self sustainable by year 4 we had birthed our ideas and with the help of some small businesses in that year our show went to a new level, in year 5 with or with out sponsorship our little show was making more than enough money to support the show.

          We are now being approached by corporate companies who are paying to put their brand on our awards categories, I share this information with you because you and your team may could possibly do something similar for your project.Our fashion show has a junior, intermediate, senior and university levels of entry this includes fashion designers, hairdressing, models, entertainers. it went from 20 to now we seat 1500 at the show.

          This year the marketing team is talking to other towns and encouraging their youth to come and be apart of our show, just something to think about, the show has helped our little community tremendously its given the youth a vision, its helped put people into employment and is now working very closely with our local schools and university, one of our prizes is a full 3 year scholarship in fashion design or fashion graphics.

          So the possibility is there for the festival if you and the team sit down and plan a sustainability project, and as your cash flows in don't be surprised if you get offers from major corporate companies wanting to pay you to advertise their products at your festival, Just something to think about, I'd be happy to give you some direction around how we did it if you and the team like.
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              arron1134 Newbie
              As a matter of fact yes! That is our ultimate goal. We are in hopes that after this year it will run that way. This tyoe of music always has fans and really never goes away. Our expenses were too high last year to make any profit but me being the master mind that I am I figured a way to cut costs on talent and other things. But we are still in need of sponsors fr advertising purposes. I want to run a huge advertising campaign this year. Thaks for your comment and good to hear your doing well with your show!

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                  diamondcuter Wayfarer
                  Reggae can be a popular choice for music, here in NZ we have a reggae festival thats called "ragga muffin" this year we have some international talent coming such as Lauryn hill who's performing with Sly & Robbie, theres other acts like Shaggy & Shaun Kingston, not to mention our local artists.

                  This festival is an example of how its created a win/win for the organizers, the community and our country, thanks to these international superstars the concert is a sell out and attracted the attention of the international artists, media and my business :-).

                  What that means for the community is that all these people attending this area, need food, accommodation and petrol etc, so thats money coming into a community from outside of the community.

                  If you tap into the travel & tourism industry correctly you can leverage the cash flow from this industry to help you become self sustainable for your festival, I hold free online training seminars about this stuff if your interested visit my website register your details there, you'll find this information in my profile.

                  I'm happy to offer a think tank forum if it helps,

                  all the best