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    Great PR

    wordperfect Scout

      My small daughter has caught a bit of a cold and had a difficult night, so remembering my gran and her Vicks vapourub ointment, I did a quick search to see if it is available here. Could;t find anything so Googled VICKS with a view to ask for store locations in China.


      From their CONTACT US link was launched the usual "Contact Form" a quick few lines, click send and , oh wait, there's more!


      Another field, this time, personal details, address, phone, date of birth, a bit cheeky I thought, a sly "Opt in" Email service. I looked for a "JUST SEND MY MESSAGE" option, but no. Finished, press "send" go, but wait, there's more!


      Another screen;


      *We're sorry, we can't accept messages or personal information because you do not meet our eligibility *
      *requirements. But that doesn't mean you can't explore the rest of our site and learn more about us! *
      *+Check out for info about P&G and its brands.+</str<br />


      Now that really makes me feel like a wanted customer. What about you?


      Great work VICKS, especially as Mentholatum have an aggressive marketing campaign here.