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    In need of a business loan

    bhooterville Newbie
      I own a small trucking company that has been in business for 2.5 years. It's been rough trying to get with the right brokers or the right company to lease the trucks too. Finally things were starting on the right track. My husband is one of the three team drivers and he is out of work due to a foot injury. One of our trucks went down (blown turbo) in the state of CT. The driver kept driving and caused extensive damage to the truck's engine. We only have one truck running at the moment and money is slim to none due to the winter season with trucking. Because of late payments and other financial set backs it's been hard to obtain a loan for more equipment. We have a family friend that is willing to co-sign a loan for me. Can anyone give me the name of a bank or person to contact. Someone that may have already gone through the same or simular situation? We now have our own authority and the money is there to be made, we just need more equipment because trucks and trailers are needed. We currently have 3 trucks and one trailer. An equipment loan will employ more people and help generate revenue for the business.