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    QuickBooks vs Peachtree

    amspcs Ranger
      After several decades using QuickBooks, I am seriously considering switching to Peachtree.
      Reasons too numberous to mention here. For starters, QB 08 does not seem to work properly with new Windows 7.But it goes well beyond that.

      I'm interested in hearing pros and cons from those of you who have some basis of comparison between the two products.
      Particularly from the small business accountants out there who handle clients on both platforms:: What do YOU think of this proposed change?

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          geekoid Wayfarer
          Upgrade to the latest version, QuickBooks 2010. It's works with Windows 7.

          With over 95% of the marketshare going to QuickBooks, you are more likely to get support from local experts (QuickBooks ProAdvisors), forums like this, etc. I just recently helped a client move from Peachtree to QuickBooks and was surprised that a lot of the functionality in QuickBooks was missing in Peachtree.
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            LUCKIEST Guide
            QuickBooks vs Peachtree

            Barry, Check with your accountant. He knows you, your business and what should work best.
            Let us know if you decide to switch.

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              It all depends on the business model. More folks are switching to Peachtree because of features now built in such as inventory control with serialized inventory. I have only seen a few clients switch from Peachtree to Quickbooks and they were all due to recurring transactions. if you have not looked recently you should sometimes CPA's only give adivse to switch to Quickbooks because it is the only software they know and that does not necessarly mean it is the right choice for your business.