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    IDA - Helping people work smarter...not harder!

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      IDA - Save 10-40% On Your Car Insurance with the Collision Deductible Reserve Plan (CDRP)

      10 Reason To Let IDA Cover Your Collision Deductible

      1. PEACE OF MIND - IDA will cover your $1,000 Collision Deductible from DAY 1
      2. You can stop overpaying your insurance company and start saving for your future
      3. Save money on your premiums to help fund your CDRP and increase your cash flow
      4. One plan covers all of your automobiles, RV's, and street legal motorcycles
      5. Buying and selling vehicles has ZERO IMPACT on your CDRP
      6. One plan covers ALL drivers and vehicles in the household
      7. No need to ever change your insurance agent or company
      8. The ONE plan will last your entire driving career
      9. The Online Enrollment Process is FAST, simple, and secure
      10. ALL CDRP contributions are safely stored and FDIC insured


      Kent Isakson
      IDA Independent Associate
      Washington State