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    How Do People Respond To Offers And Good Marketing?

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      Do we all respond to the same form of marketing or the same approach?


      Just because a prospect says no to your offer/opportunity today, does that mean they'll have the same response when the offer is presented in a different manner at a later point...or even the same fashion at a future point in time?


      The short answer is "no", but let's dig in a bit deeper.


      Think about this for a moment. How many purchases have you made where the company made several attempts at getting into your wallet before you finally caved in and bought?


      Even if the item was relatively inexpensive, it may have taken them several efforts/attempts before finally luring you in.



      If you were just marketing online and that was your only means of communicating with your audience...regardless of how many times you present your offer, even in many different're leaving cash on the table. Likely, lots of it.


      If you were only using the telephone as you're primary marketing tool the same would apply - at the end of the day, you'd be costing yourself piles of cash.


      Same goes with direct mail, print advertising, TV and radio as well.


      The fact of the matter is, there are numerous reasons prospects don't buy something on your first attempt. Timing, your unique selling proposition stunk, the offer wasn't "perceived" to satisfy their "big dilemma", weak urgency and "reason why", fear of loss or risk because no strong guarantee was in place, maybe they just didn't believe you...the list goes on and on.


      "The Fix"



      Multiple channels of communication. When we put our offer in front of our prospects not only in multiple ways, but also in a slightly different light...your overall closing numbers increase.


      For example: Let's assume that someone was only using the Internet to bring in new business. You're doing everything buy the're building a list, creating relationships with your prospects, providing valuable and timely information...and good offers that they can purchase from you.


      There are a few major dilemmas with only using this approach...



      1. Your "open rates" on your emails will never be 100%...or even remotely close to that - immediately, you're already diluting the quantity of prospects that are approached by your smoking hot solution to a big problem they have.


      2. Your "click rates" or the amount of prospects that click on the link in your email will never be the same as your "open rate" of the email. Again, more "dilution" takes place. Don't get me wrong...the Internet is a great place to market products/services and make an absolute killing - I'm making a case that we should be communicating our messages in multiple channels. Bare with me for a quick moment as the "tie in" takes place...


      3. Your "buy rate" of the people that do click on the link may be 1-3% (from first time exposure - this number should dramatically increase as you continue driving prospects back to your sales message and they get exposed to your products multiple times.


      What if one was just marketing using the telephone? Similar, yet different restraints take place using any marketing medium.


      1. You have disconnects/wrong numbers.

      2. Sometimes, the prospect just never picks up their phone.


      Continued "dilution" or lack of "offer exposure" takes place here as well.


      I'm using the phone and the Internet as examples to establish a main point (we could have added direct mail, TV, radio, etc - as they each have their own "restraints" that can cause dilution to take place).


      Critically important here...


      Market your solutions to prospects in a variety of different ways.The more "channels" you're using the greater your overall closing percentages of data will be. One can realistically double, triple or more the total number of recruits, sales, orders, etc - by following this one plan of attack. As Dan Kennedy says...the number "1" is the absolute worst number in marketing. Don't just market your products/services to your audience using 1 "channel" to communicate your message.

      With that said, we also need to start with the number 1...get really good at one thing, gain a skill set, test, tweak and make the appropriate adjustments. Then, let's go add another "channel" to your plate. Starting with several items at the same time can lead to frustration and a hole in your wallet as well (I speak from experience here).

      Quite realistically, this can literally mean the difference between closing 2-3% of your total leads VS closing 8-10% or even greater by communicating using different tools of marketing to distribute your message. Expand your reach and approach your audience using different "tools" in your marketing bag of tricks.


      Have an understanding that just because your offer wasn't appealing today (for whatever reason) doesn't mean it's not going to be attractive to them at a later point in time. It may also be more appealing by modifying or tweaking the offer and presenting it to them using a different "channel" (ie; phone, internet, direct mail, etc).


      Don't rely on "one" tool to get the job done. If you're looking to drastically elevate your closing rates, use different approaches with your offer, communicate using multiple "channels", test different offers to the same audience, remove the risk for them to make a purchase, give them "reasons why" to take action immediately and create enough value and benefit in your offer where your prospect would have to be brain dead or drunk to turn down the solution you're offering.


      To increasing your closing rates by 200% or more...

      Steve Hartung
      Business Building Expert