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    Seeking An Investor Willing To Make Millions

    WTORRES Newbie

      Reading this thread, you're probably wondering, what kind of scheme is this? Well, imagine. A shoe with an infinite amount of possibilites. A shoe at the price similar to many, but giving more than any. Not just a mere shoe that lights up on the bottom, or simply rolls around with wheels. But a shoe to distinguish the wearer's true style. After all, style has been a major way in which Nike, Adidas, or even Puma have been successful for decades. How is it different you ask? It's obvious, no other shoe in the world has been able to be changed according to hour, day, or even week. This invention with the change of one piece can be altered at any moment, by anybody. Being designed with velcro in particular areas, strips of any material,fabric, or color can be stuck on instantly. From army prints for young boys, to flowers for young girls, the possibilites are endless. Stripes of solid colors can satisfy older crowds still giving them that same flexibility. A shoe bringing change at a time in which it is what we are promised. Both cost and taste wise, the change is obvious. The design aspect is clealry a change for production and sales to come. The idea is money for the investor and the patent is already confirmed. You can contact me at